The Medal of Mercy - Gold Finish
The Medal of Mercy

The Medal of Mercy - Gold Finish

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Promises made by Our Lady concerning this medal:

Those who will accept this medal shall receive choice graces.
Those who will wear this medal with confidence, as a sign of consecration to my Person, surrendering themselves into my arms, and resting on my Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart, shall seal, as it were, a pact of love with me. In return, I shall defend them as my devoted servants at the time of judgment. That day, through my all-powerful intercession over the Heart of God, His Justice shall yield and make way for His Mercy.

The children, young men and young girls who will wear it with respect and confidence shall grow under my sweet protection.

I shall shelter under my Immaculate mantle the mothers who will wear it with respect and confidence, and educate them so they be at all times examples to their children’s eyes.
I shall console with all my affection the widows and widowers who will wear it with respect and confidence, reminding them of the reality of Eternal Life. I shall envelop in my sweet solicitude the sick and infirm who will wear it with respect and confidence. With them and for them, I shall offer their cross to the Eternal Father so that nothing is lost.
I shall prompt untiringly the sinners who will wear it with respect and confidence to a true conversion.

The friars and nuns who will wear it with respect and confidence shall receive a very special protection in temptations, so they may never fail in their Vows.
At their contact, one will breathe the pleasant odor of Jesus Christ. My Divine Son will make a tender devotion towards my Holy Name grow in their hearts.

The Holy Spirit shall assist in a very special way the bishops and priests who will wear it with respect and confidence, keeping them strong in the true faith, the faith of Apostles and Martyrs. Every day of their lives I shall put into their hearts a greater love for Jesus-Host, so they may celebrate the Holy Mysteries with very great dignity, their hearts filled with love for their Lord.

Carefully and piously keep this medal: a real shield against Satan. It will protect you in a special way during persecutions and the events to come. This humble medal shall be the sign and seal, which will attract the Infinite Mercy of Jesus’ Heart on those who will wear it. Sow it everywhere, so that God’s grandeur and His Infinite Mercy be acknowledged everywhere.
Message during the Apparition of Our Lady to Bishop Jean Marie, June 10, 1981

Gold color finish.
Size: 3,5 cm H (around 1.25in)
No chain.


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