God's Messenger Told Me
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God's Messenger Told Me

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We invite you to read this book which deals with recent Apparitions of Mary, as ‘Mother of Mercy and Mother of the Church’ to His Excellency, Bishop Jean Marie.

This will be for you an opportunity to meditate peacefully on these Messages and apply the comforting advice of Our Lady, your Mother in Heaven, into your own life. Countless graces of conversion, healing and consolation were obtained through Our Lady of Frechou, Mother of Mercy and Mother of the Church.

ISBN 978-1-59742-019-8
Weight: 658grs (1.5lb)

Size: 7.25 X 8.25 in (18.5 X 21 cm).

393 Pages Total (of which 67 are in color)

Author: Fraternite Notre Dame

Saint Mickael Publishers

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